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RSB is partnering with Content With Purpose (CWP) to produce a wide-ranging digital series celebrating the wonder of biology and its critical role in sustainable development.

The breadth and depth of bioscience makes it uniquely positioned to overcome some of our most pressing global issues. Through a selection of future-focused content including short films and interviews, ‘Biology for a Better Tomorrow’ will put a variety of biology topics under the microscope, revealing innovation, technology, research and skills at the heart of solutions for our evolving world.

With themes inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, the series will meet passionate biologists who are transforming lives, protecting our environment, and supporting a thriving economy. Stories will uncover biology’s impact in areas such as biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and food security, clean water, circularity and waste management, climate action, clean energy, health and wellbeing, and education and inclusivity.

As innovation flourishes across laboratories and out in the field, the series will explore adjacent progress to ensure the discipline is safe and responsible, addressing ethics and biological security.

‘Biology for a Better Tomorrow’ will launch during Biology Week in October 2024. It will then be promoted through an extensive digital marketing and communications campaign, with tailored content for specific audiences including RSB members and the wider bioscience community, academia, policymakers, adjacent professions, young people, and the general public.

Dr Mark Downs CBiol CSci FRSB, chief executive of RSB, said: “Our modern world poses a range of challenges, and we are proud of the tenacity of biologists to pave the way to a better tomorrow. This series gives us the opportunity to celebrate their achievements, and inspire both established and emerging biologists to fulfil their profound role in cultivating a brighter future for people and the planet”.

Max Smith, Founder & Managing Director, CWP, said: “Together with RSB, we're on a mission to showcase the transformative potential of biology and its pivotal role in defining our future. With compelling narratives and insightful discussions, we’re hugely excited to unveil the untold stories of innovation, resilience, and hope that will ignite curiosity, drive change, and inspire a collective commitment to building a more sustainable future."

CWP is a strategic content creator that works in partnership with leading member bodies and associations, engaging professionals on their industries' contribution to sustainable development.

Organisations interested in contributing to the series should contact Rachel Purser-Lowman, Series Development Lead at CWP to learn more: