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The Department of Health and Social Care has announced the appointment of RSB President Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow as the chair of the advisory board for Public Health England (PHE).

Professor Goodfellow said: “I am deeply honoured to be appointed to this role. Over the last five years the world-class scientists in PHE have provided data and evidence which is continuously improving public health.

“The evidence based advice and guidance given to local authorities has also improved public health systems and aims to reduce regional inequalities.” 

metadata new president elect

Professor Goodfellow has been RSB President since May 2018 (Photo credit: University of Kent)


The PHE advisory board is responsible for providing strategic advice on the running of PHE, assuring the effectiveness of PHE’s corporate governance arrangements, and for advising the PHE chief executive.

Professor Goodfellow currently sits on the Council for Science & Technology and has been President of the RSB since May 2018.