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In February, the Royal Society of Biology welcomed a new Full Member Organisation (MO), Adelphi Genetics Forum.

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The Adelphi Genetics Forum is a learned society that aims to promote research and discussion concerning the scientific understanding of human heredity.

The Adelphi Genetics Forum was established in 2021 as a successor to the Galton Institute, itself a part of a lineage tracing back ultimately to the Eugenics Education Society. The Galton Institute repudiated all eugenics agendas while promoting inquiry and reflection on the history of eugenics.

Commenting on their recent admission as a MO, Professor Veronica van Heyningen FRSB, acting president of Adelphi Genetics Forum, said: “The Adelphi Genetics Forum is delighted to become an organisational member of the Royal Society of Biology.

“The Forum promotes and encourages the scientific exploration of all aspects of human heredity, and related societal issues, through education and public debate. We hold an annual conference at the Royal Society where eminent speakers describe current ideas and research, and organise a biennial teachers’ conference designed to update the knowledge of secondary teachers in the fast-moving field of genetics.

“These are exciting times for the biological sciences and we look forward to playing our full part with the RSB, alongside other learned societies and institutions.”

Dr Mark Downs CBiol CSci FRSB, chief executive of RSB, welcomed Adelphi Genetics Forum, stating: “We are so pleased to have Adelphi Genetics Forum on board with us at RSB. It is great to have a fantastic organisation that is committed to stimulating and informing public debate on human heredity and associated questions, and seeks to promote public engagement with, and communication of, these topics.”

If your organisation is interested in becoming a MO, go to our website or contact Matt Webb for more details.