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The Science Council has published a list of 100 leading practising scientists, to highlight the contributions of scientists to society and the UK economy.

The list includes scientists working in policy, education, business and communication, along with research scientists in academia and industry. We are delighted to see so many of our Fellows and members represented, including:

  • Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell FSB, President of the Society of Biology
  • Professor Hagan Bayley FSB
  • Professor Colin Blakemore Hon FSB
  • Professor Jeni Colbourne MSB
  • Professor Anne Glover FSB
  • Ian Harvey FSB, chair of the Society of Biology East Anglia branch
  • Sir Paul Nurse HonFSB
  • Dame Bridget Ogilvie Hon FSB
  • Professor Michael Reiss FSB, member of the Journal of Biological Education editorial board
  • Sandra Richards MSB
  • Professor Alice Roberts FSB
  • Lord David Sainsbury Hon FSB
  • Dr Richard Spencer CBiol MSB, runner-up in the School Biology Teacher of the Year Award

Dr Mark Downs, chief executive of the Society of Biology, says: “An extraordinarily diverse group of people contribute to UK science, and this list demonstrates that this is by no means limited to those working in the lab. We congratulate everyone on the list for their contribution to science and society.

“The list is an excellent initiative to increase recognition of the many ways people work to advance science, it also demonstrates that science is a collaborative effort – every top scientist is supported by a dedicated team. This is a chance for them to receive wider recognition.”