Deep-sea sampling in the Tasmanian Seamounts & AGM

19 September 2020

The Australasian branch of the RSB held its virtual AGM on 19th September. Members from five different time zone across New Zealand and Western Australia attended the event.

The AGM was preceded with a presentation by Dr Laetitia Gunton MRSB from the Australia Museum on Deep-sea sampling in the Tasmanian Seamounts.

Professor Lloyd Reeve-Johnson FSRB, branch Chair, welcomed those in attendance and then provided an overview of the creation of the branch. While recognising the difficulties of engaging members across such a vast region, he identified the opportunities offered by the web page, social media and online communication.

Professor Reeve-Johnson and Dr Rob Eley FRSB retained their committee positions of Chair and Secretary, respectively. Re-elected as committee members were Dr Eliot Attridge FRSB, Stef Bonat MRSB, Professor Iain Gordon FRSB, Dr Laetitia Gunton MRSB (Treasurer), Dr Anne Hamilton-Bruce MRSB, Dr Martin Pal MRSB and Adhityo Wicaksono MRSB. Carolyn Reynolds MRSB was voted onto the committee.

The meeting finished with a short address by Professor Nigel Brown, Chair of the RSB’s College of Individual Members. He extended a welcome to his office for member discussion, and encouraged branch members to share their experiences with the wider RSB membership.

Dr Rob Eley CBiol CSci FRSB


Opening meeting

17 August 2017

The inaugural meeting of the Australasian branch of the RSB was held by telecon on 17th August and included participants from across the Australian continent and New Zealand. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage participation in the newly formed branch and for forward planning. We remind all biologists in the Australasian/ Oceania region they are most welcome to join our branch and that includes those in South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and all Pacific countries as well as New Zealand and Australia.

We would welcome members to also participate in the various committees that we are establishing and encourage all to visit the Australasia branch section of the RSB website and send us contributions for these pages.

Professor Lloyd Reeve-Johnson FRSB


Founding of branch

March 2017

The Australasian branch of the Royal Society of Biology was formally incorporated in January 2017. Over the next months our objective is to migrate our membership from several preceding organisations including the Australian Institute of Biology to one platform and increase linkage via our branch web page. We hope our members will also avail themselves of the Certified Biologist (CBiol) and Certified Scientist (CSci) training opportunities and help attract further members in our region. 

We encourage contributions to our web page including short articles, photographic material, notices of events and positions that may be of interest to other members.

We are very keen to have expressions of interest for committee membership, project and meeting hosting/ organisation. Please contact us on

Professor Lloyd Reeve-Johnson FRSB