Hong Kong Pilot Gopher Science Lab

8 July 2016

The first ever run Hong Kong Pilot Gopher Science Lab was launched at Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School in July. This involved groups of secondary school students preparing display boards and PowerPoint slides to explain the biological concepts and guide primary school students through experiments.

HK 3 small

In total over 40 primary pupils from six primary schools were invited to take part in the event.

HK1 small

The Gopher Science Lab was a great success and all the children loved it.The secondary school students learned a lot about science and improved their communication and leadership skills.

Mr Sik-Yan Tse, chairman of the Hong Kong branch, and vice chair Dr Chan presented certificates to the participants. Thanks to Dr Gert Grobler who presided over the project, which we hope to expand next year by involving more secondary and primary schools.



Open University Visit

4 July 2015

Professor Gordon Maxwell FRSB and Dr Stella Chan MRSB led a group of 18 high school students, aged 15-16, for a visit to the Environmental Laboratory at the Open University of Hong Kong.

The guided tour, which involved hands-on experience with laboratory equipment and time with laboratory technicians, helped the students widen their horizons and gain invaluable scientific knowledge. They were shown how to develop solutions to pollution problems like wastewater and food waste filtrate treatments using their existing knowledge of biological science. This practical experience enabled them to appreciate how applications of science and technology can help solve many global environmental issues.

Open University Visit

After the visit, the branch hosted a Chinese dim sum lunch during which Hong Kong branch chairman, Sik-Yan Tse FRSB convened some face to face discussions and interflow of ideas between the students, research project leaders, teachers and laboratory administrators.

Sik-Yan Tse CBiol FRSB


Inauguration Ceremony

8 November 2014

Held at the United Services Recreation Club, 28 members, Fellows, family and friends attended the Hong Kong branch inauguration ceremony. Guests met for an eco-tour of the century old club followed by a poolside barbecue. Chair Sik Yan Tse CBiol FSB welcomed all attending the meeting, where the future direction of the branch was discussed.