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Welcome to the regional pages for Scotland. Full details of national and local events are available on our events pages.

Upcoming branch events

Watch this space for details of upcoming branch events.

Visit the reports section to find out about past events the branch have run.

External events of interest

Biology in Scotland Events: Links to organisations that run local events

Our members

Visit the branch demographics to see the numbers and locations of our members (Dated January 2022).

AGM minutes

Draft minutes from the 2020 Scotland branch AGM can be downloaded.


Chair: Professor David Coates FRSB
Treasurer: Dr Russ Clare CBiol MRSB
Secretary: Dr Andrew Spiers FRSB

Members: Professor Kevin O'Dell FRSB , Professor John Coggins FRSB, Carol Greenwell AMRSB, Dr Liz Lakin CBiol FRSB, Dr Alistair MacPherson CBiol MRSB, Dr Eva Malone MRSB, Alan McLean MRSB, Dr Chas Nelson MRSB, Dr Nicola Veitch MRSB, Dr Bethan Wood CBiol FRSB

Contact details

Please get in touch by emailing us at

Scotland annual events

The annual conference for teachers is in its 20th year. Such is the size and popularity of the meeting, it is now organised with the assistance of an independent events company.

Our AGM and symposium in Ocotber includes presentations from Scotland's notable biologists.

Other meetings - public fora, members symposia and visits, careers events, and public lectures - are organised from time to time.

Scotland education work

Education in Scotland is a devolved power, and the RSB's education policy team and the RSBS is keen to support and encourage the study of biology at schools, colleges and universities.

Scotland policy work

Find out what policy work we are doing over on the regional policy page.

The Royal Society of Biology Scotland branch is working to create a network of Scottish members with interests, either professional or personal, in Scottish policy and education.

The aim of this network is to support the RSB in providing evidence-led responses to Scottish and UK Government calls for consultations on a wide range of biology-related policies. To join the Scotland policy and education network, please contact Harriet McAra at