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Masters Degree Accreditation Assessment Criteria

To achieve Master's Accreditation for a programme, universities will need to provide robust evidence in support of their application, which will be judged by peer review against the standard metrics listed below. The evidence should show how the intended learning outcomes are being achieved through appropriate assessment strategies. Further information can be found in the Accreditation Handbook which should be used as the main source of reference. Master's Degrees submitted for accreditation must satisfy the general requirements for Advanced Accreditation, which includes a significant period of practice.


General Master's Criteria

Evidence is required to show the Master's degree programmes meet the following:

  1. Academic excellence - knowledge and understanding of the specialist subject must be informed by current scholarship and research, and have appropriate assessment strategies
  2. Research-active environment - projects must be conducted in active research laboratories or similar professional environments appropriate to research
  3. Infrastructure supporting the claim for excellence - this includes library and ICT support, experience and expertise of the teaching team, and the teaching environment and facilities
  4. Generic and specific skill acquisition - this includes an understanding of physics, chemistry and mathematics, application of advanced bioscience techniques, and knowledge and understanding of experimental design and analysis
  5. Period of practice - the period of practice should be substantial and equivalent to 60 credits or more for a research-based course. Research will be related to, and draw on, the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired during the degree programme


Subject Specific Criteria

Subject specific guidance and learning outcomes have been developed by appropriate Learned Societies and written specifically for accreditation by the RSB for the following subjects:

             - Biochemistry
             - Ecology
             - Microbiology
             - Pharmacology
             - Physiology

These criteria can be found in the Accreditation Handbook which should be used as the main source of reference.



Supporters of Accreditation

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