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What does accreditation mean for universities

Royal Society of Biology Accreditation aims to support the advancement of learning and teaching in the biosciences. Throughout the assessment process, you will reflect on the needs of your students and how your degree programmes:

  • facilitate excellence in learning of: subject knowledge, technical ability and transferable skills (Degree Accreditation)
  • prepare students to enter research positions within the life sciences (Advanced Degree Accreditation)


Meeting the Needs of the Students

With students taking a more market-based approach to their education, Accreditation helps students interested in biosciences to make informed choices about their higher education. If you are awarded accreditation of your degree programmes, you will stand out to students who are planning a career in biosciences.


Employer Engagement

Degree Accreditation was developed to help bridge the skills gap between undergraduate study and employment in the biosciences. Along with experts from industry and higher education, the Society decided that for a degree to be accredited, it must provide students with relevant knowledge and skills required by employers. Since the launch of Accreditation, the Accreditation Team have maintained a strong relationship with bioscience employers, engaging and informing them on the aims and purpose of RSB Accreditation.




Degree Accreditation Awards Ceremony

The Royal society of Biology hosts an annual Degree Accreditation Awards Ceremony, to celebrate Biosciences in higher education. The Ceremony is an evening which celebrates universities who have been awarded Advanced Accreditation and/or Accreditation of their bioscience degree programmes over the last year. In addition, the ceremony showcases the achievements of top graduates who have attained the highest grade in their accredited degrees.



Before making an application you should familiarise yourself with the criteria and assessment process for the type of accreditation that you would like to apply for, detailed information can be found in the respective handbooks:


The Accreditation Handbook


The Accreditation Handbook                      


 The International Accreditation Handbook 


The International Accreditation Handbook



Supporters of Accreditation



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