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Ahead of the General Election on 8th June 2017, Dr Mark Downs FRSB has sent a letter on behalf of the Royal Society of Biology to all Members of Parliament (MPs) who are planning to stand for re-election, highlighting the importance of science.

The letter stresses that UK science is highly productive and hugely respected internationally - pointing out that UK science continues to leverage inward investment on a lean public funding base through a time of significant change.

The letter also outlines the UK science’s capacity to support improved quality of life and economic growth in addressing both local and global challenges, by drawing on the pick of international talent for collaboration at home and overseas. We also presented key facts highlighting the strengths of bioscience sector.

The MPs of the next Parliament will need to address the important challenge of ensuring that UK science remains vibrant and strong by:

  • ensuring the UK has an excellent environment for science – with access to the best people, collaborations, investment and regulations
  • always considering the scientific evidence to make informed choices that ensure UK science remains strong and relevant

Following the General Election, MPs will also be invited to attend this year's Parliamentary Links Day, taking place on 27th June.