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The Society of Biology has awarded nine travel grants so that budding biologists can undertake important study abroad.

The aim of the Society’s Travel Grants is to give the opportunity of overseas travel in connection with biological study, teaching or research to those who would otherwise be unlikely to have it. Twenty grants of £500 are available every year to the Society’s members.

As part of the spring funding round we have awarded nine grants for expeditions, conferences and university research during the summer of 2015.

The grant recipients are:
Samuel Dean, Davide Dominoni, Sergio Tomey Garcia, Siobhan Gardiner, Clare Gray, Laetitia Gunton, Fergus Kennedy, Hugh Nicholson, Jo Middleton and Chi-Ching Tsang.

Chi-Ching Tsang AMSB will put her grant towards travelling from Hong Kong to Melbourne to attend the 19th Congress of the International Society of Human and Animal Mycology. Fergus Kennedy AMSB will put his grant to good use on an expedition to Borneo to study tropical rainforest animals and plants with the University of Oxford. Sergio Garcia AMSB will use his grant to help fund a trip to the Pyrenees to study changing alpine ecosystems with the University of Barcelona.

They will each write a report for the Society website or magazine on their return. The reports of last years’ travelling biologists are still available.