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Charles Darwin House, 12 Roger Street, London WC1N 2JU

Representatives of learned society publishers are warmly invited to this meeting


Recognising the importance of societies to the research ecosystem, the Universities UK Open Access Co-ordination Group commissioned work to track the financial health of a sample of 30 UK learned societies over the last five years. Preliminary findings indicate that societies' publishing revenues are continuing to rise, but margins are being progressively squeezed. Almost half of the sampled societies reported a loss in 2015, up from only six in 2011.

Hosted by the Royal Society of Biology, this event is an opportunity for representatives of learned societies, from all disciplines, to engage with, and comment on, the study's interim findings, and help shape the final report. Participants will hear from the study's authors and leading society figures, and will be able to share their own perspectives on the challenges facing UK societies in an Open Access future.

As we wish to ensure that a good diversity of organisations and disciplines present we invite you to first apply for a place; approximately 60 places available free of charge.

Application details

When applying for you place please include:

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  • Your reason for applying to attend (please add this to the special requests box - 80 word limit)

Application outcome

Please apply by Monday 28th August. We will be allocating places to ensure a good spread of disciplines at the meeting and will contact all applicants on Tuesday 29th August about the outcome of their application.


Please direct specific meeting queries to the policy team at and any booking/application queries to the events team at