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03.06.22 - 11.07.24
BioGrad Ltd, Liverpool Science Park, 131 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TF


This is a recurring course run by Biograd Training, please see their website for details of the dates. Mammalian Cell Culture is a highly regarded lab technique that is often requested for graduate-level researcher positions in academia and industry. Our Mammalian Cell Culture course offers comprehensive laboratory-based tuition using a range of human and animal cell lines, and thus providing a rare opportunity to pursue further education and future careers in Medicine, Pharmacology, Biology, and Biomedical Science.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the range of careers and laboratory research opportunities available. We have links with many companies that recruit interns and graduates based on our recommendations. On completion of the course, the new skills developed by students throughout the course will be endorsed by our lecturers on LinkedIn and a reference can be provided upon request.

What the course will cover:

During this course students will work in a Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet to perform the following techniques on both adherent and suspension cell lines. 
• Sterile media preparation.
• Resuspension and culturing of (human and animal) cell lines from frozen stocks. 
• Cryopreservation of cells.
• Passaging and feeding of cells.
• Microscopic evaluation of confluence and morphology.
• Cell counting and growth curve calculations.

Students will then have the opportunity to put these new skills into practice by establishing 96 well plate serial dilutions of their cell stocks producing the first set of data for a cell growth curve (the first step for any in-vitro assay) using the commonly used reagents MTT or Alamar Blue. This will allow students to fully understand the complexities of working with mammalian cells and the range of areas where they might be able to apply their new skills. This work will also permit students to perform their own statistical evaluation of ‘cell number' curves and understand the limits of such assays for the prediction of activity and toxicity.

Attendance Requirements

Attendees should have basic laboratory skills and be confident in a laboratory environment before attending this course. Thus, this course is aimed at postgraduate Level 7 who are still in their postgraduate studies university or have just finished their studies and have a deep interest in pursuing academic research opportunities and/or a career in mammalian cell culture related applications. 

Further information and booking

For more information and to book please see the Biograd Training event webpage.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This event has been approved by the Royal Society of Biology for the purposes of CPD and counts as 42 CPD points.