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The Society was pleased to hear its recommendations as part of its upcoming biosecurity campaign raised as part of a House of Lords debate on the 18th January, regarding infectious disease threats to UK biosecurity, including human, animal and plant health.

During the debate, Viscount Stansgate explained the Society’s view that Government policymaking should consider the evidence from all available sources, including animal, environmental, and human health. A key focus was on the use of One Health principles, and how research and education in this area must be prioritised in current and future policy.

Viscount Stansgate also mentioned the Society’s view that policymakers should optimise the use of evidence synthesis, so that our society and the ecosystems, health systems, and the food, feed, fuel, and construction material production systems that we rely on are highly able to avert, and are highly resilient to, disease, biological attacks and other biological risks.

The increasing threat posed by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) was also raised, and the need for public understanding and education on this topic, including the correct use of antibiotics and biocides.

A full recording of the debate can be viewed on

The area of Biological Security is one of the Society’s Science Policy priorities , and a key focus of its work through 2024. The Society aims to advocate for One Health principles and policymaking, encompassing as broad a range of aspects as possible, including plants and other organisms, environmental factors and the interactions between these. We also work to advance training and standards within the area of biosecurity, including in the area of plant health through our Plant Health Professional Register and Plant Health Undergraduate Studentship Scheme.