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#BiosciencesForAll initiative


The RSB is asking for case studies from its members for our #BiosciencesForAll initiative by asking for case studies. Do you have a story to share from your career to encourage others or raise awareness of career barriers in the biosciences and how they could be overcome?
Problems as well as successes can remain hidden lessons for the profession because they are individual stories and may appear few in number for their defining characteristic.

Attitudes, expectations, gender, caring responsibilities, health, disabilities, sexuality, faith, to name but a few characteristics, can all influence career paths positively or negatively - independent of professional ability.

As a profession, we should aim to achieve the best outcomes for individuals and for the biosciences sector. Individuals should feel free and able to succeed on merit and the profession should embrace, reflect and draw upon the rich diversity of the society from which it comes, and that it serves.  

If you have a story to share in approximately 600 words please contact Laura Marshall