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Accreditation Working Group

The Accreditation Committee (AC) is delegated by Council to provide a framework for accreditation of courses and programmes (hereto referred to as "programmes") in Further and Higher Education relevant to the objects of the Royal Society of Biology, and to advise and make recommendations to Council about the process of accreditation and range of programmes that would benefit from an accreditation. AC is authorised by Council to accredit programmes which achieve the standards required.

Committee Chair: Professor David Coates MBE CBiol FRSB

Committee Members

Professor Roger Anderson FRSB
Dr Sally Hicks FRSB
Dr Julian Mitchell MRSB
Professor Paul Ramsay FRSB
Professor Richard Reece CBiol FRSB
Professor Melisa Wallace FHEA FRSB
Robert Watts AMRSB


Dr Yvonne Armitage FRSB
Dr Mark Downs CSci FRSB
Dr Aysha Divan FRSB
Dr Georgina Manning FRSB (HUBS representative)
Professor Robert Slater CBiol FRSB
Paul Trimmer AMRSB

More information about the Royal Society of Biology Degree Accreditation Programme.