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Education Training and Policy Committee

This Principal Committee reports directly to Council and is responsible for:

  • Proactive development of a strategic policy framework across education and science policy
  • Creation of an evidence base to underpin policy work
  • Reactive guidance and support in responding to consultations
  • Oversight of the Chartered status and developing its potential
  • Directing festival and careers activity as part of the strategic framework
  • Oversight of specialist registers and strategic direction

Committee Chair: Professor Jeremy Pritchard

Professor Sue Brain
Ann Fullick
Professor Marcus Grace
Ian Harvey
Professor Julian Park
Professor Joy Hinson
Professor Jim Prosser
Dr Alan Raybould
Marcus Sangster
Dr Andrew Treharne
Dr Diane Williamson


Dr Laura Bellingan (Director of Policy and Public Affairs)
Dr Mark Downs (Chief Executive)
Rachel Lambert-Forsyth (Director of Membership and Professional Affairs)