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UK Register of Toxicologists

The UK Register of Toxicologists (UKRT), sponsored by the Royal Society of Biology and the British Toxicology Society, was established in 1993 and is now a Special Interest Group of the Royal Society of Biology. The attainment of registration is seen as a significant milestone in a career in toxicology and will become increasingly desirable for career progression.

"Registered Toxicologist" status has to be maintained by a 5 yearly review of continuing education and practice in toxicology. Members of the UK Register of Toxicologists gain automatic membership of the EUROTOX Register of Toxicologists and are entitled to use ERT as a post nominal.

Contents of this page

  1. Applying for the UK Register of Toxicologists
  2. CPD advice
  3. Fees
  4. Application/Re-registration Deferral Policy
  5. Guidance documents
  6. The UKRT, Brexit and ERT Status
  7. Procedure for raising queries regarding the UK Register of Toxicologists
  8. Members of the UKRT Panel

Applying for the UK Register of Toxicologists

For online applications you must first register with mySociety on the Royal Society of Biology website. You do not need join the Society to apply for UKRT.

To apply to join the UKRT, you must have:

  • An honours degree in a relevant science (taken over a minimum 3-year period from a UK University (or its equivalent), IDT, FRCPath, DABT or an equivalent qualification. Relevant certificates should be provided.
  • At least 5 years post-graduate relevant toxicological experience.
  • Evidence of current engagement in the practice of toxicology and up to date CV.
  • Details of the past 12 months’ relevant CPD, including a range of activities and reflective notes.
  • Two senior ERT registered toxicologists to act as referees. Your referees should know you in a professional capacity and be able to confirm the quality of your toxicology practice. The two referees should not be employed at the same organisation as each other. If you do not know two referees sufficiently well from separate organisations, please provide a 3rd referee (who does not have to be ERT) to provide a reference regarding your professional competence and recommendation for inclusion in the UKRT.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that these references are sent to the register administrator in time to meet the assessment deadline. UKRT Panel members cannot supply references.

The Panel are meeting to review applications on 5th October 2021. Feedback is sent to applicants around 4 weeks after the meeting. The deadline for applications (including references) and re-registrations for the February 2022 meeting is Monday 13th December.

CPD Advice

Successful application/re-registration is dependent on the individual providing a range of CPD activities in their record along with adequate reflection. This means that statements must be provided against each CPD activity recorded, explaining how the individual will benefit from the activity and, where applicable, how others may also benefit as a result.

Re-registration applications are frequently deferred due to inadequate reflective statements so it is vital that these are provided in sufficient detail. Download guidance notes here on recording CPD and reflective notes. 

Individuals enrolled in the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) CPD scheme may submit their RCPath record in place of an RSB CPD record to be reviewed by the UKRT Panel. Records should be provided, along with all other relevant application or re-registration information, by the deadline for the UKRT Panel meeting. An example RCPath CPD record can be viewed here.


  1. Fee for first time applications - £125
  2. Fee for re-registrations - £100
  3. Annual Retention Fee - £50
  4. Fees are payable in advance via the website and are non-refundable.

Application/Re-registration Deferral Policy

Should your initial re-registration application (including your CPD record) meet the required standard, the Panel will approve your UKRT registration status for a 5 year cycle.

If the Panel concludes that your application and/or CPD record falls short of the required standard, please be advised that your application will be deferred. The UKRT Panel will provide you with feedback on the remedial action required to be submitted for consideration at the next Panel meeting. Additional information as requested by the Panel should be submitted via email to There is no additional fee for deferred applications.

If your application is deferred at two concurrent Panel meetings and your application is insufficient to meet the criteria at the third Panel meeting, your application will be rejected. In the event that your application or re-registration is rejected, you will not be able to re-apply for a period of at least 3 years. Deferred applications must be submitted and accepted within a 12 month period or within 3 panel meetings, whichever is soonest.

Guidance documents


The UKRT, Brexit and ERT Status

The UKRT have sought guidance from EUROTOX regarding the effect of Brexit on members and their ERT status. Reassurance has been provided that EUROTOX is not a political organisation and that the recognition of ERT as a professional qualification is completely independent of the European Union and will thus not be affected by any Brexit-related outcome.

Procedure for raising queries regarding the UK Register of Toxicologists

All queries regarding the UK Register of Toxicologists should be directed to its Secretariat by email ( In accordance with their Data Protection Policies, the RSB will not divulge any personal information without the expressed consent of the individual involved and takes all appropriate steps to protect registrants’ data held by the UK Register of Toxicologists.

Members of the UKRT Panel

  • Mr Colin Davies (Chair)
  • Mr Mark Hosford (Vice-Chair > Chair Jan 2022)
  • Dr Sally Clode
  • Dr Sandra Costigan
  • Miss Britta Gadeberg (Vice-Chair Jan 2022)
  • Dr Guy Healing
  • Dr Andy Smith
  • Dr Lucinda Weir
  • Dr Kristina Ulrich
  • Mr Warren Harvey