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Careers Centres

Nearly all universities have a careers centre and it is well worth you seeking them out whilst you are a student. Some offer a "Graduate Service" for a small fee to students who have already graduated. Services vary but they offer basic careers guidance and have general information and resources that are available for your use. They may offer you skills workshops in things such as how to write a successful application form and interview technique. 

Careers Fairs

Throughout your time at university there will be many careers fairs that you can attend. They are useful events that will give you a chance to explore many different areas of work and meet different employers. To find out more about careers fairs in your area look at your University careers website or visit your careers centre.

The Internet

Here are selection of websites which have information on current job vacancies within biology and in science-related areas:

General Graduate Jobs


Seeking people out, talking to them, learning from them, getting people's advice. It is a very useful tool and improves your awareness and knowledge of careers in your field - it can be a useful way of identifying openings and being 'at the right place at the right time'. To begin networking think about all the people you know that work in a similar field to the area you're interested in, at social occasions look out for people who are working in areas that interest you. By talking to these people you might be able to find out information or be given advice about careers in your field of interest. Even if a person can't help you directly, they may know someone who can.

Speculative approaches

Jobs that are in areas that are very competitive are often never advertised, instead the companies rely on speculative applications.

Speculative applications are when people write an application letter to a company when they are not advertising any suitable vacancies. The applications must be well targeted and are much more effective if written to a specific person and not just 'Head of Recruitment'. If someone who is a mutual contact has recommended you to write to the company, mention their name in the letter.