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Technician March 2017
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If you have been awarded a degree containing at least 50% biology in the final two years of study, you are eligible to apply for associate membership. We recognise this early stage of career development with the award of the post-nominal letters AMRSB. Those who can demonstrate equivalence through other education or training can also apply.

Meet our members

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One off £15 application fee plus:

Annual fee = £75
Recent graduates (2 years or less since graduation date) annual fee = £37.50*
There is a 50% discount (£37.50) if you are retired, on a career break, or not in paid employment.
PhD students = £37.50
Students in full time education (undergraduate and masters degrees) = £15

* Please email a copy of your degree certificate to to apply at this rate

Current members wishing to transfer to a higher grade

Providing your subscription is up to date, current members only need to pay a £15 administration fee to apply to transfer their membership to a higher grade. Your new subscription rate will become due on the renewal date following your election. The £15 transfer fee is waived for students wishing to transfer to the associate (AMRSB) grade.

Special rates for individual members of our Member Organisations

Individual Members of the Society's Member Organisations can take advantage of a 50% reduced rate for the first two years of Royal Society of Biology membership. Please note that this offer is only available to new applicants from our Full Member Organisations, and not current members or members of our Supporting Member Organisations. To take advantage of the reduced rate please contact us for further details.