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Affiliated Organisational Membership

Affiliated organisational members are typically those whose core business is not based in or around the life sciences, but who are keen to align themselves with this key area and to raise awareness of their services and products to thousands of people via the Society’s individual membership of more than 17,000, and via the extended networks of our Full and Supporting Member Organisations (MOs).

Affiliated membership organisations might include, but not be limited to; large employers of graduates, financial companies, law firms; training course providers; publishing companies, consultancies or advertising companies.

More information on affiliated organisational membership is available in our booklet.


Affiliated member organisations (MOs) proactively support the future of the life sciences, and receive a wide range of benefits:

  • We run a variety of courses, workshops and training events - many of which are for generic skills (including management, presentation and media). Courses are offered at a discounted rate of up to 50% for all individual staff members of affiliated member organisations.
  • We offer free course approval for CPD purposes
  • Members’ e-bulletin – monthly email containing updates on Society activities and other news of interest
  • Invitations to attend MOs and other networking meetings

They additionally receive access to exclusive advertising and promotional opportunities, including:

  • Invitations to all Society Parliamentary events
  • Job advertising discount on our Job Board
  • Discounted sponsorship opportunities for Society events
  • 25% discount on general Society advertising, to publicise your events and services
  • Logos and/or names listed on key public documents

Annual membership subscriptions are based on annual organisational income and start from as little as £300 a year. Please contact us if you would like to become an Affiliated Member Organisation. 

Affiliated organisational members


Durrell Conservation Academy

Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes Limited



Newmarket Scientific