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Sharing Biology Education Research

Members of the Biology Education research Group (BERG) are active researchers with a broad range of interests spanning education research in schools, colleges and higher education institutions. The group will be sharing some of their research as part of a day of talks at the Association for Science Education (ASE) annual conference in January.


BERG Talks at the 2019 ASE conference (10 January 2018)


Developing dialogues between Science and Art - Dr Paul Davies

Epistemic Insight: Teaching about Biology and RE - Dr Tamjid Mujtaba and Prof Michael Reiss

How realistic is it to get children to generate their own authentic questions about the importance of biodiversity? - Prof Marcus Grace and Dr Carys Hughes

Interpreting natural history dioramas - Dr Sue Dale Tuncliffe

Share and Discuss: Integrating Free Online Genomics and Bioinformatics Short Courses into School Programmes - Dr Pamela Black


Listings for all BERG talks on the ASE 2019 conference site can be found here.


Summaries of the talks and links to presentation materials will be uploaded after the conference.

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