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Teaching & Learning Workshops

January 2016
Assessments that Reward Learning and Feedback that Builds Resilient Students
This HUBS-funded workshop was held at the University of Bristol on 8th January 2016.

Project reports


September 2015
Teaching and learning issues in the biosciences
With funding from the Higher Education Academy the Royal Society of Biology conducted research on teaching and learning within the biosciences.

June 2014
Audit of Practical Work Undertaken by Undergraduate Bioscience Students across the UK Higher Education Sector
This was completed over 2013 and 2014 through collaboration of HUBS, Biochemical Society, Royal Society of Biology and the Higher Education Academy.

June 2014
Improving the Status and valuation of teaching in the careers of UK academics
HUBS have been working alongside the Royal Society of Biology, the Academy of Medical Sciences and The Physiological Society to review the status and valuation of teaching in higher education. Full details of the project and online annexes.

Meetings of the Heads of University Biosciences


2017 Spring Meeting
Digital Teaching and Learning in the Biosciences and Bioethics | Storify
10 - 11 May
College Court Leicester

2016 Winter Meeting
Brexit and the Biosciences, Research Impact, Partnerships and Funding
30 November
Charles Darwin House, London

2016 Spring Meeting

Academic Integrity, Designing out Plagiarism and Outreach | Storify | Talk slides
4 - 5 May 2016
College Court, Leicester

2015 Spring Meeting

Assessment and Feedback in the Biosciences | Storify

6 - 7 May 2015
Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire

2014 Winter Meeting

Higher Education 2015 and beyond: Funding, Opportunities & Challenges
12 November 2014
Charles Darwin House, London

2014 Spring Meeting

Practical Work in the Biosciences for the 21st Century
8 - 9 April 2014
Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire

2013 Winter Meeting

UK Bioscience: Global Research Priorities
13 November 2013
Charles Darwin House, London

2013 Spring Meeting

The transition between A-Level and HE & HUBS and the Learned Societies - working together in HE
24 - 25 April 2013
Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire

2012 Winter Meeting

Science Policy and Higher Education
21 November 2012
Wellcome Collection, London

2012 Spring Meeting

Changes to the Higher Education Landscape
9 - 10 May 2012
Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire

2011 Winter Meeting

Challenges and Opportunities in the biosciences
10 November 2011
Charles Darwin House, London

Previous Meetings of the Heads of Biological Sciences


2009 Spring Meeting
Challenges to maintaining standards - Meeting Report May 2009

2008 Winter meeting
Funding University Biosciences in a Post-RAE era - Meeting Report November 2008

2008 Spring Meeting
Biosciences Curricula and employability - Meeting Report May 2008

2007 Winter Meeting
Costing the Biosciences - November 2007 Meeting Report

2006 Spring Meeting
Curriculum and the Benchmark and Teaching Field Biology - March 2006

2005 Winter Meeting
Government Science Policy and RAE Update - November 2005 Meeting Report

2005 Spring Meeting
Costing the Biosciences - April 2005 Meeting Report

2004 Winter Meeting
RAE 2008 - November 2004 Meeting Report

2004 Spring Meeting
Recruiting Biologists and supporting biology teaching in schools and universities - April 2004 Meeting Report

2003 Winter Meeting
Career Pathways for Young Scientists - November 2003 Meeting Report

2002 Winter Meeting
Research - its importance to the economy, auditing its quality, funding it and ownership of the products - November 2002 Meeting Report

2001 Winter Meeting
The effects of recent legislation on research and teaching in the biosciences - Meeting Report November 2001

2001 Spring Meeting
e-biology - the use of IT in teaching and learning - Meeting Report April 2001

2000 Winter Meeting
Standards and quality - teaching and learning in the biological sciences - Meeting Report November 2000

2000 Spring Meeting
Communicating Biosciences - Meeting Report April 2000

1999 Winter Meeting
Postgraduate qualifications in Biology - Meeting Report November 1999

1998 Winter Meeting
The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and its effects on research - Meeting Report 1998

1997 Winter Meeting
Good Practice in Teaching Biology Meeting Report December 1997