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For some members, Career Timelines are available. These have been extracted from Recognising Teachers in the Life Sciences, a fantastic publication by The Physiological Society that was developed in collaboration with the Academy of Medical Sciences, Royal Society of Biology and HUBS.


Dr Sandra Kirk FRSB


Professor Janey Henderson CBiol FRSB


Professor Paul Lynch


Professor Hilary MacQueen FRSB - Career Timeline
Professor Julia Buckingham FRSB
Professor Jonathan Green MRSB - Career Timeline
Professor Peter Heathcote FRSB
Professor Graeme Reid FRSB
Professor Jonathan Scott CBiol FRSB - Career Timeline
Professor Andrew Lawrence FRSB
Professor Julian Park - Career Timeline

Professor Graham Scott FRSB

Dr Angela Priestman


Eleanor Kirby-Green MRSB


Rachel Lambert-Forsyth CBiol CSci FRSB
Sarah Dalmedo CSciTeach MRSB