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Welcome to the regional pages for Yorkshire. Full details of national and local events are available on our events pages.

Upcoming branch events

Saturday 13 November, 13:30-16:30

Branch AGM and symsposium: Bats: Friend or Foe?

An online symposium focussing on the only truly flying mammal, bats, followed by the RSB Yorkshire branch AGM. Download an event programme and AGM agenda.


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AGM minutes

Download AGM minutes from November 2018 and November 2019, and our most recent AGM held in November 2020.


Chair: Dr Lynda Partridge FRSB
Vice Chair: Professor Val Randall CBiol FRSB
Secretary: Ben Stevenson MRSB
Treasurer: Professor Graham Bonwick CBiol FRSB

Members: Christopher Collins CBiol MRSB, Dr Danae Dodge MRSB, Dr Emma Jones MRSB, Dr Richard Reece-Jones CBiol FRSB, Dr Tayyebeh Vafaee MRSB, Dr Fiona Real MRSB, Emma Jennings MRSB, Dr Martin Walker MRSB, Dr Louise Robson FRSB, Beth Webb MRSB, Dr Sohan Jheeta FRSB, and Sara Booth-Card MRSB.

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The Yorkshire region prides itself as leading in many aspects of the biological sciences with about 120 bioscience related businesses employing more than 10,000 people. Pharmaceuticals, biomedics, plant and chemical regulation, environmental protection, forensics, biological detection, taxonomy, food preparation and safety, agriculture, fisheries. Many world class university departments support the science and these businesses. Indeed the breadth of biology is limitless in Yorkshire.