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scientist in a lab

What is biology and how is it done? A few simple resources to introduce the topic and open up discussions around what biologists do.

1. What is biology? Most suitable for ages 11+


biology iconA simple definition poster to explain what biology is and what it includes. This can be useful for introducing the concept of biology, as a specialist part of science, to younger children. Why not print it out and stick it up on a notice board or display? You can run activities that explore what biologists do. More resources and inspiring ideas are on our Make a Difference careers page.

Download: What is biology? A3 poster


2. Biology Changing the World fortune teller and biologist ballot. Suitable for ages 5+


Fortune-tellerA fun origami activity and a simple ballot created for the Biology Changing the World project, which celebrates great biologists. Both introduce participants to some important biologists and their discoveries. They are a great way to start discussions about how biology and science can change the world. More amazing facts about these celebrated biologists are on the BCW website.

Download: Fortune teller and biologist ballot


3. Testing pH with red cabbage experiment guide. Most suitable for ages 10+


cabbageBiologists sometimes need to find out what the pH of something is. For example in soil sampling or enzyme testing. This fun kitchen-friendly activity introduces the concept of the pH scale and allows participants to try out using red cabbage to test the pH of household substances. Find out if everyday substances are acid or alakli.

Download: Red cabbage PH indicator experiment guide