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The British Society for Immunology (BSI) represents scientists and doctors who study the immune system. BSI aims to ensure that the public benefits from the successes of immunology by communicating with and inspiring a wide range of audiences.

BSI works to spark interest in and strengthen understanding of immunology.

Explore BSI's interactive activities about the immune system and vaccines. Discover how vaccines train our immune system to protect us, how antibodies fight germs and how herd immunity works.

Pathogen Buster! | Zone 1: the world around us

game to understand how antibodies fight germs inside the body and introduce the concept of antibody specificity and how vaccines work.

Vaccine memory game |  Zone 1: the world around us

A memory game with vaccine-related objects. Suitable for mixed ages as difficulty level can be modified and for individual or group play.

Juno Island board game | Zone 1: the world around us

A board game, suitable for 1-3 players ages 7+ to demonstrate the importance of vaccination and identify the different methods of protection from an infectious disease. All resources are printable or you can have a go at designing your own and following the step-by-step instructions.

Our Heroic Bodies | Zone 1: the world around us

This collection of scientifically accurate drawings celebrates the unexpected beauty of our immune system at a tiny scale and includes images of our heroic white blood cells and bacteria and viruses for which we have vaccines against.

Global impact of vaccines | Zone 2: broadening your horizons 

Vaccines save 2 to 3 million lives every year according to the World Health Organisation. They are the safest and most effective way of protecting our children against disease. Find out more about the impact of vaccines on global public health in this short animation.

How do vaccines work? | Zone 2: broadening your horizons

Find out more about how vaccines work in this short animation.

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Guide on childhood vaccinations

The British Society for Immunology has produced guides to childhood vaccinations which provide evidence-based information, answers to common questions and uncovers the truths behind vaccine myths.

Vaccine infographics

A variety of infographics are also available explaining different aspects of how vaccines work and how they protect you against disease. Feel free to print out or share on social media to show your support for vaccines.

Educational resources

The BSI has developed educational materials for students aged 7 to 14, which include interactive and experimental activities. 

These were developed initially for BSI members to be delivered as a classroom workshop but they have been adapted for home teaching.

If you have any questions about the British Society for Immunology, please contact Erika Aquino.

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