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Specimen drawing competition

BioArtAttack (2D) 2024 competition

This competition is for people aged 7-18 years old (in the UK and outside of the UK) to draw or paint their favourite animal, plant or fungi. The competition is open to entries of two dimensional artworks only.

The competition is now open to entries until 30th June 2024.

The BioArtAttack (2D) 2024 competition is open to any drawings or paintings of animals, plants or fungi as two dimensional artworks without labels.

The Nancy Rothwell Prize for specimen drawings is a sub-category of this competition for two dimensional specimen drawings, which include labels and descriptions.

About the competition

This competition celebrates and highlights the benefits of combining art and science. The terms and conditions of the BioArtAttack (2D) 2024 competition are available online.

Teachers might like to display our competition news posters in their school's labs or classes. These feature a tiger for the BioArtAttack 2D competition and an axolotl for the Nancy Rothwell Prize 2024.

Teachers can download a free lesson plan to help your students prepare their artwork for either the BioArtAttack (2D) for artwork without labels. Or, for the Nancy Rothwell Prize for specimen drawings (which need to include labels and descriptions within the artwork). The lesson plan is useful for inspiration and ideas for both strands of the competition.

The competition is now open to entries until 30th June 2024.

There are three age categories (7-11, 12-14, and 15-18) and for each age group prizes are awarded for:

  • a winner (£50 for the student) to be awarded to a young person from anywhere in the World
  • a winner of the new Nancy Rothwell Prize 2024 (£50 for the student) to be awarded as a specific named specimen drawing prize (The Nancy Rothwell Prize 2024) to recognise specimen drawing in schools and to highlight the benefits of combining art and science

All winners will be invited to an experience day at the Royal Veterinary College.

Find out more about previous award winners.


Please contact us by email if you have any queries regarding the BioArtAttack (2D) 2024 competition.

Award support

The Royal Society of Biology wishes to thank the Royal Veterinary College for its continued support of this award.

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