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The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) publishes new research; develop, recognise and celebrate professional capabilities; bring people together; support teachers to inspire future generations of scientists, and they speak up to influence the people making decisions that affect us all.

The RSC have produced 'Chemistry in your cupboard’ - a series of videos showcasing easy and simple science experiments that you can do at home using things you may already be able to find around your home.

Mobile phone spectroscopy | Zone 2: broadening your horizons

Turn your phone into a your very own laboratory equipment with this simple to follow experiment!

Make your own bath bomb | Zone 2: broadening your horizons

Join the Royal Society of Chemistry and find out how you can make your own bath bomb!

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The RSC are on TikTok - from explaining common mysteries around the home to showing how you can do fun experiments with everyday goods – and exploring the legacy of Black chemists who helped improve the world as part of Black History Month – the channel offers a range of routes to engage enquiring minds in chemistry.

The RSC has also launched  a game on their A Future in Chemistry website, to showcase the vast range of career paths chemistry offers, all of which can make a real difference to people and the planet.

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