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Biology Week Events

Some highlights of Biology Week 2013 included:

Saturday 12 October

Big Biology Day in Cambridge organised by the Society of Biology East Anglia branch. This is a hands-on biology day for all members of the family.

Sunday 13 October

Professor Adam Hart kicked off his 24 hour lecture by announcing the flying ant survey results.

Alongside UK Fungus Day (organised by the British Mycological Society) we encouraged people to go outside and explore their natural environment.

Monday 14 October

Dr Mike Leahy spent the week taking his rainforest bus to schools.

Tuesday 15 October

A public debate on how modern knowledge of genetics and behaviour might influence decisions about criminal responsibility, held at the Royal Institution.

Wednesday 16 October

A celebration of biology in the House of Commons, in partnership with the BBSRC.

Thursday 17 October

Awards evening for the Society of Biology photography, science communication and book awards.

Friday 18 October

Schools around the UK ran assemblies about food waste, with an animated video of a talking sandwich - the culmination of a week of school activities about food. The Physiological Society challenged Twitter to get poetic with their physiology, check out all the rhymes here!