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Congratulations to the winners of the RSB Top Student Award 2022:

Abertay University - BSc Biomedical Science: Jamie Simpson

Anglia Ruskin University - BSc Medical Science: Jessica Amosu

Aston University - BSc Biomedical Science: Maisy Bowen

Bangor University - BSc Zoology with Animal Behaviour: Maria Pestana Correia

Bath Spa University - BSc Biology: Molly Molony

Birkbeck, University of London - BSc Biomedicine: Catrin McHugh

Bishop Burton College - BSc Bioveterinary Science: Catherine Clappison

Blackpool and the Fylde College - BSc Human Biosciences: Charlotte Samantha Washer

Bournemouth University - BSc Biological Sciences: Laura Hall

Brunel University - BSc Biomedical Sciences: Rita Abalada Pedrosa Torres Pereira

Cardiff University - BSc Biomedical Sciences: Lily O’Brien

Coventry University - BSc Biological and Forensic Sciences: Lily Arabella Stratton

Edge Hill University - BSc Biology: Molly Elizabeth Kelly

Edinburgh Napier University - BSc Animal and Conservation Biology: Hamish McGill

Glasgow Caledonian University - BSc Pharmacology: Andrew Raeburn

Glyndwr University - BSc Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Conservation Science: Imogen Fay Jones

Harper Adams University College - BSc Agriculture with Animal Science: Emma Dods

Heriot-Watt University - BSc Biological Sciences: Emily Christopher

Keele University - BSc Biochemistry and Human Biology: Christopher Dylan Kirk

Kingston University London - BSc Biochemistry: Natalia Delgado Ponce

Lancaster University - BSc Biochemistry: Max Burgess

Leeds Beckett University - BSc Biomedical Sciences: Nicole Powell

Liverpool John Moores University - BSc Zoology: Ellie Mansfield

London Metropolitan University - BSc Biomedical Science: Saara Saleem

Manchester Metropolitan University - BSc Microbiology and Molecular Biology: Hiruni Pehesara Athapatthu Mudiyanselage

Middlesex University - BSc Biology: Emma Chaplin

Newcastle University - BSc Zoology: Molly Patricia Watson

Northumbria University - BSc Biology: Alexandros Angelopoulos

Nottingham Trent University - BSc Biological Sciences: Katarina Miler

Oxford Brookes University - BSc Biological Sciences: Georgia Henry & Eisha Mehta

Queen Margaret University - BSc Applied Pharmacology: Umarah Mahmood

Robert Gordon University - BSc Applied Bioscience: Kevin Wang

Royal Holloway, University of London - BSc Zoology: Matthew Lawrence

Royal Veterinary College - BSc Bioveterinary Sciences

Scotland’s Rural College - BSc Applied Animal Science: Catherine Lynas

Solihull College & University Centre - BSc Animal Behaviour & Welfare: Eleanor Cherry

Sparsholt College Hampshire - FdSc Sport Fisheries & Aquaculture: Filip Hargreaves

St. George's University - BSc General Biology: Anthony Luke Frank

Staffordshire University - BSc Biological Science: Tracie Samantha Nunn

Swansea University - BSc Applied Medical Science: Krisjanis Gerhards

The University of Edinburgh - BSc Biological Sciences: Jacob Sampson

Ulster University - BSc Applied Biomedical Science with DPP in Pathology: Steven Mitchell

University Centre South Devon - FdSc Biosciences: Jennifer Baylis

University College London - BSc Biological Sciences: Harry Dodd

University of Bath - BSc Biology: Clare De’ath

University of Bedfordshire - BSc Biological Science: Eve Davenport

University of Birmingham - MSci Biological Sciences: Samuel Madge

University of Bradford - BSc Biomedical Science: Theodora Tsiaousi

University of Central Lancashire - BSc Biomedical Science: Zaid Patel

University of Derby - BSc Human Biology: Julianna Bahyra

University of East Anglia - BSc Biomedicine: Verity Cowell

University of Essex - BSc Genetics: Michal Paszek

University of Exeter - BSc Biological Sciences: Holly White

University of Glasgow - BSc Marine & Freshwater Biology: Maya Louisa Unwin Griffin

University of Hertfordshire - BSc Bioscience: Ella Gant

University of Huddersfield - Medical Biochemistry: Sally Prior

University of Hull - BSc Forensic Science: Jay Davis

University of Leeds - BSc Biological Sciences: Daisy Theobald

University of Leicester - BSc Biological Sciences

University of Lincoln - BSc Biology: Luke Alistair Crosby

University of Liverpool - BSc Pharmacology: Gruffydd Behnan

University of Nottingham - BSc Environmental Science: Katie Prange

University of Plymouth - BSc Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology: Peter Malorey

University of Portsmouth - BSc Biochemisty: Rebecca Young

University of Reading - BSc Zoology: Rebecca McKie

University of Roehampton - BSc Biomedical Science: Aysha Aqueel

University of Salford - BSc Zoology: Phoebe Potts

University of Sheffield - BSc Biomedical Science: Jessica Burn

University of South Wales - BSc International Wildlife Biology: Fleurtje Coppen

University of Southampton - MSci Ecology & Conservation: Lijani Cherry

University of St Andrews - MBiochem Biochemistry: Salma Ali

University of Suffolk - BSc (Hons) Bioscience: Jessica Tassier-Gotts

University of Surrey - BSc Nutrition: Lucy Jessop

University of Warwick - BSc Biochemistry: Jennifer Blackmore

University of Worcester - BSc Biochemistry: Gemma Allcott

University of the West of England - BSc Biomedical Science: Alice Charlotte Rew

University of York - MBiol Biology: Lucy Coupland

York St John University - BSc Biological Sciences: James Stubbs


Congratulations to the winners of the RSB Top Student Award 2021:

Abertay University - BSc Biomedical Science: Fraser Singh

Aberystwyth University - BSc Biochemistry: Jarrod Thomas

Anglia Ruskin University - BSc Zoology: Hannah McKay

Aston University - BSc Applied Biomedical Science: Abigail Webb

Birkbeck, University of London - BSc Molecular Biology: Jonathan Else

Blackpool and the Fylde College - BSc Marine Biology

Bournemouth University - BSc Biological Sciences: Victoria Marie Stevens

Cardiff Metropolitan University - BSc Biomedical Sciences: Eleanor Welsh

Coventry University - BSc Biological & Forensic Sciencesv: Paula Amores Morillo

Edge Hill University - BSc Food Science: Sim Ray Yue

Edinburgh Napier University - BSc Marine and Freshwater Biology: Emilia Heiskanen

Glasgow Caledonian University - BSc Cell & Molecular Biology: Beatrice Villani

Glyndwr University - BSc Equine Science and Welfare Management: Georgina Boyton

Harper Adams University College - BSc Agriculture with Crop Management: Hollie Hunter

Heriot-Watt University - BSc Biological Sciences: Boglar Gal

Keele University - BSc Biochemistry and Human Biology: Bethany Davies

Kingston University London - BSc Biological Sciences: Austeja Meskauskaite

Lancaster University - BSc Biological Sciences: Henrietta Shaw

Leeds Beckett university - BSc Biomedical Sciences

Liverpool John Moores University - BSc Zoology

London Metropolitan University - BSc Biomedical Science: Saniya Qureshi

Manchester Metropolitan University - BSc Human Biosciences: Eleanor Radford

Middlesex University - BSc Biochemistry: Anastasia Baffour-Kyei

Newcastle University - BSc Biomedical Sciences: Megan Day

Nottingham Trent University - BSc Microbiology: Frazer McCuaig

Oxford Brookes University - BSc Biology: Nathan Roberts

Queen Margaret University - BSc Applied Pharmacology: Dragan Georgiev

Robert Gordon University - BSc Bioscience with Biomedical Science: Lillith Zijmers

Royal Holloway University of London - BSc Molecular Biology

Royal Veterinary College - BSc Biological Sciences

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) - BSc Applied Animal Science: Emily Pickup

Solihull College & University Centre - FdSc Animal Behaviour & Welfare: Alice Harvey

Staffordshire University - BSc Biomedical Sciences: Bethany Weir

St. George's University, Grenada - BSc Biology: Madison Alexander

St. George's, University of London - BSc Clinical Bioscience: Rebecca Wadu

Swansea University - BSc Population Health and Medical Sciences: Katie Wilde

The Open University - BSc Biology: Thomas Adeyemi

The University of Edinburgh - BSc Biological Sciences: Tymoteusz Pieszko

University Centre South Devon - FdSc Biosciences: Danielle Meakin

University Centre Sparsholt - FdSc Sport Fisheries & Aquaculture: Gerred Fuchs

University College London (UCL) - BSc Biological Sciences

University of Aberdeen - BSc Zoology: Thea Mainprize

University of Bath - BSc Biology with Professional Placement: Eleanor Jackson-Smith

University of Bradford - BSc Biomedical Science: Humairaa Parvaz

University of Chichester - BSc Sport & Exercise Science

University of Derby - BSc Biology: Bethany Tweedie

University of East Anglia - BSc Biochemistry: Sarah Duffy

University of Essex -  BSc  Biological Sciences: Amy Tuck

University of Glasgow - BSc Physiology

University of Gloucestershire - BSc Animal Biology: Joseph Marcus

University of Greenwich - BSc Biology: Ana Piedade

University of Hertfordshire - BSc Molecular Biology: Rebecca Hill

University of Huddersfield - BSc Medical Genetics: Joanne Mattocks

University of Leeds - MBiol, BSc Biological Sciences: Hannah Reeve

University of Leicester - BSc Biological Sciences: Elisa Panzeri

University of Liverpool - BSc Biological Sciences: Kathryn Ramsay

University of Nottingham - BSc Nutrition: Cameron Cruickshank

University of Plymouth - BSc Biological Sciences: Shannon-Marie Murtagh

University of Portsmouth - BSc Biology: Rhodelle Ingham

University of Reading - BSc Biochemistry: Raul Cioaca

University of Roehampton - BSc Biomedical Science: Vivian Montesano

University of Salford - BSc Wildlife conservation with Zoo Biology: Jadn Soper

University of Sheffield - BSc Biomedical Science: Saba Gharssalla

University of St Andrews - BSc Zoology: Anna Rouviere

University of Suffolk - BSc Bioscience: Chloe Jenkins

University of Surrey - BSc Biotechnology: Paula Gonzalez

University of the West of Scotland - BSc Applied Bioscience and Zoology: Jane Murray

University of Westminster - BSc Biological Sciences: Runa Hoenger

University of Worcester - BSc Biology: Holly Roberts

University of York - BSc Molecular Cell Biology: William Barnes

York St John University - BSc Biomedical Science with Placement: Madelaine Nixon


Congratulations to the winners of the RSB Top Student Award 2020:

Abertay University - BSc Applied Biomedical Science: Michael Melvin

Anglia Ruskin University - BSc Animal Behaviour: Kenna Valles 

Aston University - MBiol Biological Sciences: Samuel Watkin

Bath Spa University - BSc Biology

Birkbeck, University of London - BSc Molecular Biology: Anita Vas

Bournemouth University - BSc Biological Sciences: Dorian Crudgington

Blackpool and the Fylde College - BSc Human Biosciences: Francesca Pipitone

Canterbury Christ Church University - BSc Biomolecular Science

Cardiff Metropolitan University - BSc Biomedical Science

Coventry University - BSc Medical and Pharmacological Sciences

De Montfort University - BSc Forensic Science: Megan Mayhew

Glasgow Caledonian University - BSc Microbiology: Navneet Rai

Glyndwr University - BSc Wildlife and Plant Biology: Matthew Whitehead

Harper Adams University College - BSc Agriculture with Environmental Management

Heriot-Watt University - BSc Biological Sciences (Microbiology): Patricia Hazelton

Keele University - BSc Biology and Physical Geography: Henry Simpson

Kingston University London - BSc Nutrition: Rachael Wall

Liverpool Hope University - BSc Human Biology: Ella Jackson

Liverpool John Moores University - BSc Zoology: Emily Hill

London Metropolitan University - BSc Biomedical Science: Mia Outteridge

Manchester Metropolitan University - BSc Human Biology: Joanna Rowsell

Middlesex University - BSc Biology (Molecular Biology): Oriana Da Silva Montes

Newcastle University - BSc Biomedical Sciences: Ting Mak

Northumbria University - BSc Biology (Neurobiology): Casie-Marie Shaba-Williams

Nottingham Trent University - BSc Microbiology: Callum Rimmer

Oxford Brookes University - BSc Biology: Grace Blakeley

Queen Margaret University - BSc Applied Pharmacology: Claire Morris

Queen's University of Belfast - BSc Biological Sciences

Robert Gordon University - BSc Bioscience with Biomedical Sciences: Julian Parsons

Royal Holloway, University of London - BSc Biology

Royal Veterinary College - MSci Biological Sciences

Scotland’s Rural College - BSc Applied Animal Science: Inga Barnett

St. George's University, Grenada - BSc Biology: Ariel Frederick

St. George's, University of London - BSc Biomedical Science

Swansea University - BSc Applied Medical Sciences: Abigail Rancourt

The Open University - BSc Biology: Benjamin Berger

Ulster University

University Centre South Devon - FdSc Biosciences: Elizabeth Lyons

University College London - MSci Biological Sciences: Cell Biology

University of Aberdeen - BSc Biology: Sofia Sandalli

University of Bath - BSc Biomedical Sciences with Professional Placement: Mara Gerhardt

University of Bedfordshire - BSc Biological Science: Matthew Peck

University of Birmingham - BSc Biological Science

University of Bradford - BSc Biomedical Science: Ana Sandru

University of Brighton - BSc Biological Sciences

University of Central Lancashire - BSc Biomedical Science: Iqra Amir

University of Derby - BSc Biology

University of Edinburgh - BSc Biotechnology: Vicente Fernandez

University of Essex - BSc Genetics

University of Exeter - BSc Biological Sciences with Professional Placement: Ka Kiu Lee

University of Exeter, Penryn Campus - BSc Marine Biology: Jack Wiggins

University of Glasgow - MSci Biochemistry: Marco Laub

University of Hertfordshire - BSc Biomedical Science with a Year Abroad

University of Huddersfield - BSc Medical Genetics: Eden Conroy

University of Leeds - MBiol Biochemistry (Industry): Erin Catton

University of Leicester - BSc Biological Sciences (Neuroscience) with a Year in Industry

University of Lincoln - BSc Biology

University of Liverpool - BSc Human Physiology: Olivia Weston

University of Manchester - BSc Medical Biochemistry

University of Nottingham - BSc Dietetics: Joanne Kingsnorth

University of Reading - BSc Microbiology with Industrial Experience: Carl Winn

University of Sheffield - BSc in Biomedical Science: Jan Wilson

University of Southampton - MSci Biology

University of St Andrews - BSc Marine Biology

University of Strathclyde - BSc Immunology and Pharmacology

University of Surrey - BSc Biochemistry

University of the West of England - BSc Biomedical Science: Keira Cozens

University of Westminster - BSc Pharmacology and Physiology: Stela Papa

University of the West Scotland - BSs Applied Bioscience: Tamara Alonso

University of Worcester - BSc Human Biology: Laura Guest

University of York - Biomedical Sciences (with a year industry)