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Biology Week logo

We've revamped the Biology Week logo for 2017, so make sure you have the latest artwork ready for your events marketing and publicity material!

Logo with date

The new logo is available to download as 9680 x 4776 .PNG files with transparent backgrounds.


Landscape logo without date

This version is available to download as 6357 x 1063 .PNG files with transparent backgrounds.


If you need .EPS or .AI versions of the above, please contact the press team.

Biology Week colours

We use our standard blue and green for our Biology Week branding.

Pantone 281 (blue)

  • C 75 M 0 Y 90 K 0
  • R 72 G 169 B 66

Pantone 362 (green)

  • C 100 M 83 Y 0 K 42
  • R 0 G 61 B 125