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Biology Week

We are very pleased to hear from organisations and individuals who are keen to help make Biology Week a success. 

You don’t have to be a member of the Royal Society of Biology to organise events; we welcome the support of scientists, teachers or anyone who has a passion for biology.

Events ideas

You can organise lectures, debates, school visits, field trips, hands-on demonstrations, a Big Biology Day or anything that will help people discover more about the wonders of biology. There are ideas and information in our event pack.

We have fun quizzes for schools, university students, and for a pub quiz (with answers) from 2015 available online.

If you would like the new quizzes for 2016, contact us.

Promote your event

Once you have planned your event, please fill in this easy form and email it to for it to be added to our website.

You are welcome to use the Biology Week 2016 logo to promote your event.

You can help raise the profile of biology within Parliament by inviting your MP. Please get in touch if you would like advice from Dr Stephen Benn, our director of parliamentary affairs.

You can send a press release to your local paper. We have some suggestions for contacting the press before or after your event. Remember the press love photos.

Useful resources


Get in touch if you have any questions about organising an event or volunteering at an existing event, or would like to discuss any ideas. Good luck planning your event and when you’re there don’t forget to take photos, tweet #BiologyWeek, and have fun!