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Biology Week in Schools

Biology Week is a great opportunity to encourage enthusiasm for biology in and around the curriculum. Biology Week 2016 was a huge success.

Activity resources for celebrating Biology Week in schools


Quizzes Test your science knowledge (secondary)
Mammal Poll & Insect Poll Run your own poll & see what comes top (all ages)
Activity kits 21st Century BioChallenges activity kits (secondary)
BioArtAttack Get creative with art and science (all ages)
Physiology Friday Enter an edible #biobake (all ages)
Biology Changing the World Celebrate amazing biologists of the past (all ages)
UK Fungus Day Have 'fun with fungi' (all ages)
Nancy Rothwell Award Specimen drawing art lessons (primary & secondary)
18+ and Higher Education BioSoc quizzes and resources (university students)


Tell us about your activities for 2016

We are always really impressed with the activities teachers put on during Biology Week. You are welcome to use the resources on this page and the Biology Week event materials. We would love to hear what you have planned. You can download the Biology Week logo and the poster for schools now.

Fun resources for organising events


Quiz Question

The Society, along with its Member Organisations, has put together quizzes for schools, to run either during lessons, tutor time or in science club.





Biology Week 2016 quiz:

Biology Week 2015 quiz:

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Insect Poll


Find out more about our top 10 UK insects and read about the winner of the national poll. 


Print our posters, stick them around your school and host your own poll to see which creepy crawly comes out on top.





Mammal Poll

Water Vole

Last Biology Week we ask you to choose your Favourite UK Mammal in a bid to highlight the diversity of mammals in the UK and to raise awareness of their conservation needs. #UKMammalPoll

Print our mammal posters for more information on our top 10 species. Use these resources for classroom discussions and debates, or even host your own poll!

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21st Century BioChallenges activity kits

Biochallenges logoWe have 10 kits of biochemistry activities schools can borrow that provide excellent enrichment activities to support the secondary curriculum. Each activity introduces participants to new concepts, vocabulary and cutting edge science, with five topics including he five topics stem cells, antibiotic resistance and genetic modification.

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artGet young people thinking about biology in the world around them and communicate science through art. As part of Biology Week 2016 ran a BioArtAttack competition. Entrants created a biology-themed collage, model or sculpture to win a HUE Animation studio kit #BioArtAttack. Entries were from individuals, schools, anyone.

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Physiology Friday


Bio-Bodies Bake Off: Each Biology Week, the Physiology Society challenges amateur bakers to produce a bake, savoury or sweet, representing physiology, the science of how your body works, for their chance to win some exciting prizes! View 2015's winners. There are also Physiology Friday activities, resources and citizen science projects available on their website.

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Biology: Changing the World

Changing world

Celebrate the great biologists of the past in order to inspire those of the future.

The website, mobile app (available on apple and android) and schools resources are packed with information and activities about the biologists that shaped the world we live in.

There are also a number of classroom resources available for a 7-11 year old audience.

Visit the website or contact us for hard copies of the poster and teacher notes.

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UK Fungus Day Competitions

Finding fungi

Join in with UK Fungus Day public events at universities, science centres, museums, botanic gardens, nature reserves and National Trust venues, across the UK and Ireland.

There will be 'fun with fungi' activities for everyone to enjoy.


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Nancy Rothwell Award

nancy rothwell

The Nancy Rothwell Award celebrates specimen drawing in schools and highlights the mutual benefits of combining art and science. The deadline for this years competition is 11th September 2017. You can use our specimen drawing presentation, school poster, or take a look at the 2014 and 2015 winners for science/art lesson inspiration!


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Higher Education and 18+ students


Our quizzes for university students, perfect for Biology Societies are now available to download.

Biosoc Quiz 2016: Questions    Answers

BioSoc Quiz 2015: Questions   Answers  

Resources from BioMed Central: Examine some of the many scientific challenges facing the world, including: cancer, epidemics, antimicrobial resistance, ageing populations and climate change.

Free content from Oxford University Press: book discounts, blogs, youtube videos and more.

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STEMNET and Speakeeze


Invite a STEM Ambassador into your school or arrange a speaker for inspiring and intriguing talks and activities. Learn about new careers and cutting-edge research of biosciences. Perfect for science clubs, assemblies or lessons.

Alternatively, get in touch with the National STEM Centre.

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Case studies from other schools




School spotlight: Hereford Cathedral School and Bishop Thomas Grant School  both organised great programmes of Biology Week activities for 2015 which might inspire you to get involved next year.

Use our posters to inspire students around your school.



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Careers Project

careers-projectThere are a diverse range of careers available in the biosciences.

Find out more about technicians and research assistants working in a variety of fields around the country by reading and watching our technicians careers profiles.

More resources are available in our careers section.


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Citizen science

Thousands of people have taken part in this year's citizen science projects. Keep an eye out for flying ants and starling murmurations, and you could help have an impact on scientific research.

Find out more about spiders by downloading our app to identify any eight-legged guests in your home this winter.


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Free activity resources

Supplement your lessons with free, interesting and interactive resources:

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We have many more free outreach resources to support biology teachers.