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The Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) is an international, non-political, learned society based in the United Kingdom.

FSBI supports scientific activity in fish biology and fisheries science through charitable activities including grant funding, travel awards and conference sponsorship, and through the publication of the Journal of Fish Biology.

FSBI's films and activities give a flavour of the exciting work done by fish biologists, and how it links to conservation, biodiversity, human impacts, and new study methods.

The microscopic world in salmon | Zone 2: broadening your horizons

Explore the microscopic world within salmon with FSBI member and Postdoctoral Researcher, William Perry.

William investigates the gut microbiome of Atlantic salmon, and explores the possible effect of domestication on their gut microbiome.

Using environmental DNA (eDNA) in fish conservation | Zone 2: broadening your horizons

Did you know that one small bottle of seawater could contain DNA traces from hundreds of fish?

If we want to help protect fish from threats like climate change or overfishing, it is important to know where different species live.

Molly Czachur, a marine biologist, looks for this environmental DNA (eDNA) in the environment as a short cut to identifying which fishes are present in her sampling area.

Molly has produced a fun comic strip which explains all, and a worksheet encouraging youngsters to think like scientists, while making a Biodiversity Pledge!    

Arctic charr research | Zone 3: scientists at work

Antony Smith is a PhD student at Bangor University, and FSBI member. His work focuses on a population of Arctic charr in the idyllic Llyn Padarn in North Wales.

Antony can be found snorkelling the frigid waters, counting eggs and capturing fry in his home-made fry traps. Data collected from this project will go towards helping protect charr habitat.

Mangrove ecosystems of Florida | Zone 3: scientists at work

Kirthana is an FSBI funded PhD student, and she tells us a bit about her work in the mangrove ecosystems of Florida.

She examines food webs in these diverse systems, capturing fish, and examining what they have eaten. Her journey begins with seine netting her sample fish.

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The FSBI have partnered with World Fish Migration Day to share a selection of colouring pictures for children.

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