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The theme for photography competition in 2021 was Interconnected. The Society would like to congratulate the winners and shortlisted photographers, who were announced during Biology Week 2021.

In the press

Images from the competition were covered in a number of news outlets including BBC News, The GuardianMashable India, New Scientist, and The Telegraph.

Photographer of the Year 2021: WinnerVishwanath Birje 765 510

Mutualism by Vishwanath Birje

Taken: Thane, India

The mutualistic relationship between ant and aphid. The ants consume honeydew excreted by a yellow aphid, and in return, the ants protect the aphid from other organisms, such as the red mites.

Photographer of the Year 2021: Runner upTruong Hoai Vu 765 510

Hon Yen marine ecosystem by Truong Hoai Vu

Taken: Phu Yen, Vietnam

Every year, between May and August, the coral of this rich and diverse ecosystem becomes exposed at low tide.

Photographer of the Year 2021: ShortlistedAlfonso Roldán Losada 765 510

Family quarrel by Alfonso Roldán Losada

Taken: Córdoba, Spain

Bee-eaters are easily spotted birds because of their colours. They spend most of their time flying in search of insects.

Henry Harte 763 510

The plague by Henry Harte

Taken: Borana, Kenya

In 2019, Kenya and most of East Africa had seen its worst locust outbreak in 70 years. Varying weather due to climate change and travel and shipping restrictions have meant the outbreaks are getting larger and harder to control.

Ripan Biswas 763 510

The hunt by Ripan Biswas

Taken: West Bengal, India

The interaction between the jewel wasp and cockroach is anything but friendly. The jewel wasp injects venom into the cockroach’s brain, paralysing the latter. The wasp then lays an egg in the zombified cockroach.

Wei Fu2 490 270

Bite for survival by Wei Fu

Taken: Bangkok, Thailand

The tokay gecko bites back despite being held in the coils of the golden tree snake bite.

Chanchal Sur Chowdhury 680 510

Spiderman of our body by Chanchal Sur Chowdhury

Taken: Missouri, USA

Immune cells communicate with each other to protect our body from evading foreign particles or microorganisms. Here, neutrophil cells (light blue) release web-like structures (yellow) to defend against Tuberculosis bacteria (pink).

John Ishide Bulanadi 416 510

A tiny gathering by John Ishide Bulanadi

Taken: Pampanga, Philippines

A small group of thief ants are gathered to enjoy a few drops of syrup on top of a wax apple leaf.

Gu Guanghui 759 510

Solar power plant by Gu Guanghui

Taken: Zhejiang Province, China

A large group of night herons perch upon the solar power panels at dusk.

Young Photographer of the Year 2021: WinnerRoan Jones 765 510

Submerged by Roan Jones

Taken: Somerset, UK

A tyre being reclaimed by nature in the Vallis Forest, Somerset, showing the connection between people and the natural world.

Young Photographer of the Year 2021: Runner up
Alice Feng 383 510

Fractals by Alice Feng

Taken: UK

The patterns in this image are of Bacillus subtilis being grown on a dextrose agar plate. The patterns form depending on the conditions of the bacteria’s environment and how bacterial cells move after coming into contact with each other.

Young Photographer of the Year 2021: Highly commendedHayden Wood 765 510

Watering hole antics by Hayden Wood

Taken: Kenya

A pair of Grevy’s zebra (Equus grevyi) drink from a watering hole.

Special thanks to judges

Alice Campain, CABI
Tim Harris,  Nature Picture Library and Bluegreen Pictures
Tom Hartman, The University of Nottingham
Alex Hyde, Freelance natural history photographer
Linda Pitkin, underwater photographer