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Check out the amazing selection of events and activities that took place during Biology Week 2023

All Week Online

BioArtAttack 3D Competition

Create a biology-inspired art sculpture from recycled or other materials for our BioArtAttack 3D competition


Share a photo or video of yourself in action and tag @RoyalSocBio using #IAmABiologist to showcase the diversity of biology

Field Studies Council

Listen to a Field Studies Council audio programme, including discussions on marine and freshwater ecology, and badgers

National Spelling Bee

Join a nation-wide biology spelling competition for students aged 11-19

Memory Game

Test your groups' memory and learn more about the biosciences together by playing our fun Memory Game activity, with levels suitable for schools and university audiences

BBSRC Revolutionising Wheat Showcase

A virtual document released by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) this October, illustrating how BBSRC has provided sustained investment in wheat research.

BioResist - Battling antimicrobial resistance in challenging times

Join IIHS Multiversity online for Biology Week, in collaboration with RSB and the Microbiology Society, for exciting activities and discussions to deepen your understanding of the fascinating world of biology.

Monday 16 October

Biosphere Podcast Launch | Online

Listen to Biosphere, our new podcast that covers the life sciences with insightful interviews with bioscience researchers, emerging discoveries, and the latest in science policy

Interview with a veterinarian | Vimeo

If you're considering the veterinarian profession, check out this interview with a NOMV volunteer

Southeast Asia - Tiger talk | Online

Hear from ecological data analyst Sasi Suksavate about their research on habitat use by the main prey species of tigers in Thailand

Carry on up the bat roost | Online

A light-hearted exploration of the weird and wonderful world of bat sex and the research that's revealing its secrets

Tuesday 17 October

Parliamentary Reception 2023 | London, UK

Hosted by Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, the event will include speeches and refreshments as well as an awards ceremony

Member ballot: Parliamentary Reception 2023 | London, UK

An opportunity for AMRSB, MRSB and FRSB grade members to attend the Parliamentary Reception in Westminster

Thames Valley - AGM and Charles Darwin lecture | Online

A public lecture on Charles Darwin entitled 'The Voyage of the Beagle' by Peter Worsley, emeritus professor of quaternary geology at the University of Reading

Scotland - Biology and a beer | Glasgow

An evening of talks and discussion on topics in biology, with a beer

Kent, Surrey and Sussex - Fungal infections in a changing world

An online lecture exploring the influence of our changing environment on life-threatening and debilitating fungal diseases in humans

Marine Biological Association - Scientific visual communication: good graphic design practice | online

A workshop providing attendees with practical graphic design guidance on good scientific visual communication


Wednesday 18 October

Brains, elephants and biomimicry talk and Q&A | Online

Hear what experts do in the fascinating world of neuroscience, ecological monitoring and biomimetic design

Northern - A Visit to Fujifilm Labs | Billingham, UK

A tour and talk on processes and careers in the biopharmaceutical sector

Southeast Asia - Mushroom Science Virtual 2023 | Online

Symposium in partnership with the Malaysian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

North Western - Plankton talk & Sea Life Centre tour | Blackpool

An exclusive tour followed by talks from marine scientists on plankton found in The Wyre Estuary

West Midlands - Webs and dustbins lecture | Online

Hear from Professor Lorenzo Frigerio about the weird life of plant organelles 

Ecological Continuity Trust | Webex

Join the ECT for an online talk discussing the charity and their long-term experiments

Applied Microbiology International - Climate change and diversity & inclusion | Liverpool

A networking event for academics, researchers and practitioners with a passion for SDG-based work on climate change and inclusivity

Thursday 19 October

Southeast Asia - Mushroom Science Virtual 2023 | Online

Symposium in partnership with the Malaysian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Society for Experimental Biology - Leaders of the future with Dr Marjorie Lundgren | online

A talk from Dr Marjorie Lundgren, winner of the Society for Experimental Biology President's Medal for plant biology in 2021

Galapagos Day with the Galapagos Conservation Trust | London

Explore the power of rewilding to repair island ecosystems that have been degraded by human activity, at Galapagos day 2023

Wonderful world of bat sounds | Online

Explore the wonderful world of bat sounds with BCT's call analysis expert Philip Briggs

What's it like to be a biologist in government | Online

Join this interactive session designed to give an insight into the wide range of careers there are within the Civil Service for biologists

Fantasy Meets Reality - A Cancer Biologist's Quest in Baldur's Gate 3 | Online

Step into the fantastical world of Baldur's Gate 3 with Dr. Andrew Holding, a Cancer Biologist from the University of York, for a 2-hour journey unlike any other

Friday 20 October

East Anglia  - Life in Science

Hear from Professor Sir Tom Blundell Hon FRSB, University of Cambridge, and learn how one can engage and contribute to society through science, politics, entrepreneurship, and public service

National Spelling Bee 2023 finals

The final round of a nation wide spelling competition for secondary school students between the ages 11-19