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We invited all biologists, from young enthusiasts to professors, to share a photo or video in action and tag @royalsocbio using #IAmABiologist on Instagram and Twitter.

We launched #IAmABiologist in Biology Week 2017, to fill social media full of photos of biologists in action, to highlight the breadth of roles you can do working in bioscience. From anthropologists to zoologists, each year we aim to fill the internet with photos of bioscientists changing the world.

Below are some examples for inspiration. Thousands of biologists from research groups, study groups, labs, fields and everywhere in between shared photos and tweeted using the hashtag #IAmABiologist.

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Downloads for schools and teachers

We recommend teachers use our biologist profiles for their own projects to highlight the diversity of roles within the biosciences.

You can download the profiles featured in #iamabiologist campaigns from 2021, and 2022 (a), 2022 (b).