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This year we asked the question: is it too late to save our oceans?


Plastic, heralded by many as a miracle material, is now choking fish, accumulating in their tissues, and slowly seeping down food chains. Every minute, the equivalent of a truck load of plastic is dumped into our ocean.

Can we reverse the damage already done by dumping plastics? Are we able to alter our plastic consumption enough to preserve biodiversity? Or is it too late to save our seas? Join a panel of experts for this talk as they explore if it really is too late to save our oceans. 


This event was presented in partnership with the Royal Institution and the Biochemical Society. Read our news story, see our Twitter moments and watch the whole event:



Professor Ted Henry - Professor of Environmental Toxicology at Heriot Watt University
Professor Pennie Lindeque - Molecular ecologist and Head of Microplastic Research Team at Plymouth Marine Laboratory
David Jones - Founder and CEO of Just One Ocean
Dr Anna Ploszajski - Materials scientist and Research Fellow, Institute of Making, UCL
Chair - Gaia Vince - Broadcaster and environmental journalist


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Our 2018 annual debate at the Royal Institution was on the science of artificial intelligence


The inclusion of self-learning algorithms into systems that underpin modern life could help us address many of the global challenges society faces. But they also carry risks that may have devastating results. Can AI truly save the world, or is it too risky to depend on machine learning to solve our problems?

Watch a live stream of the event

Read our news story and see social media highlights on our Twitter Moments.


This event was presented in partnership with the Royal Society of Biology, the Biochemical Society, the British Pharmacological Society and the Royal Institution for Biology Week 2018.