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Biology Changing the World

Inspiring and celebrating great biologists around the UK


Aiming to celebrate the great biologists of the past and inspire those of the future, Biology: Changing the World is trying to share the stories of biology in lots of different ways. 

What's going on?

How can I get involved?

Interested Society of Biology members, and members of the public are encouraged to get involved in the project, below are just some of the ways that you can be part of the celebrations:

  • Suggest a name of an inspirational scientist to be included in the project
  • You can also keep up to date with Biology: Changing the World by signing up to Biology Heritage Updates free of charge through mySociety.

The Society of Biology has gained funding from Heritage Lottery for Biology: Changing the World, a project collating and sharing the great biologists and biologically significant locations in the UK. The project will be developed in partnership with BBSRC and the resources produced will be shared with the public through social media, websites, mobile apps and resources for primary school children.